You take the blistering bravado of Janis Joplin, the sultry grace of Aretha Franklin, and the balls to compare yourself to both of them and you're gonna do OK.  

  Whether opening for national names like Coco Montoya and Bettye LaVette, or coming home to keep the Torch Club lit, Stacie Eakes and her band the Superfreakes (including bassist Joe Lev, drummer Leigh Lunetta, and guitar-phenom Jimmy Pailer) put on an amazing high energy show, that will keep you dancing in and out of your seat all night long!! Stacie has been traveling the world since 2009... and currently resides in Washington DC with her Husband Patrick. She is a Florida State Seminole thru and thru and is currently pursuing her MBA in Marketing in the FSU School of Business in their distance learning program. Catch her on the East coast if you can!!  If you are lucky enough to see her and the band when she comes home to Sacramento to play the Torch Club it is an incredible homecoming night of music not to be missed! 


"I've been a daughter, sister, a lover and a wife. ...oh I've been sugar, and baby, I've been spice. I've been down every road they all wanted me to see...and now It's time to get back to me.   - Stacie Eakes